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Basis of Whole Body Vibration

The benefits of vibration training are far reaching and very broad in their effective abilities to help people recover from injuries, increase muscle strength, increase bone density, increase muscle fiber flexibility, improve lymphatic drainage, increase stability and balance. There are indications that point to a possible treatment for people suffering from diabetes as well as for people afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. There are also early indications which suggest that vibration training may be an effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

One of the common uses for vibration training technology has been in the machines ability to deliver an effective weight loss plan to people that find traditional exercise too painful, impractical or downright ineffective.

In simple terms, the effectiveness of traditional exercise for weight loss has been a major hurdle for many people. Gym style exercises evolve around the concept of using large muscle groups, which are effective for caloric burn, but tend to make the body hungry for the return of the body’s natural energy source, sugar. Large muscle groups use sugar as an energy source, so this causes the person to experience the all too common rollercoaster effect when monitoring their weight. Vibration training on the other hand is focused on the use of the body’s fast twitch reflex muscle groups, which receive their energy from fat deposits rather than sugar. This results in quicker weight loss because the body does not feel hungry for sugar after a vibration training session.

Another common use for whole body vibration machines is for people that are looking at muscle toning and strengthening. Many professional and amateur athletes use vibration training machines to give them the competitive edge. Typically these aspects of vibration training are better suited from the Triplanar style of whole body vibration machine.

There are many types of whole body vibration. The two most popular are the Oscillating and Vertical types of vibration machines.

The two different types of machines use different approaches of motion to achieve different goals. There are a few factors that are important considerations when considering how the motion is used on the body. The muscle groups in the human body react differently based on two important factors. The amplitude of a machine is the amount of physical distance that the standing platform would travel in a complete cycle. This is the total lift height travel capability of the machine. The other variable is the frequency of the machine. The frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz) also known as the number of times per second the platform will complete an entire cycle of that movement from bottom to top and back to the bottom again.

The body’s muscle groups react quite differently to changes in these two variables. A lower amplitude with higher frequencies typically results in better strengthening results. Higher amplitude with lower frequencies will typically result in better weight loss capabilities.

Vertical vibration machines typically have adjustable frequencies and adjustable amplitudes. The Oscillating vibration machines all have adjustable frequencies, but the method of changing amplitude is by repositioning ones feet on the platform, basically the wider the stance, the higher the amplitude. The closer the user’s feet are to the center of the platform or fulcrum point, the lower the amplitude that they are subjected to.

Independent medical research has been very helpful in the advancement of whole body vibration technology. Large companies and institutions like NASA, many professional sports team, sports medicine colleges, and universities are using Whole Body Vibration technology to aid their astronauts for space travel, improve their players performances, and to help patients. The continual need to improve and enhance will lead to ongoing improvements to vibration machines which will in turn solidify and add to the benefits of vibration training.

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