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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of machine is better suited for weight loss?

Generally speaking the oscillating platforms are better suited for weight loss than linear machines. The larger amplitude and lower frequencies tend to burn more calories. However, there are some linear machines that have significant amplitude and are also suited for weight loss.

Which type of machine is better suited for fighting osteoporosis?

The higher frequencies and shorter amplitudes of the linear machines are better suited at fighting off the effects of osteoporosis. Many independent medical studies have shown the use of linear style machines will increase bone density in men and particularly in post menopausal women.

I remember those weird machines from the 60’s that had a strap worn around the waist and was supposed to make me lose fat, are these the same thing?

Not at all. Those machines tried to stimulate the break up of fatty deposits. Vibration therapy has been around for almost 40 years and has been proven in numerous medical studies to be very effective. The basis of the concept of whole body vibration is to artificially simulate G force against your body to increase the level of workout that your body experiences. The nature of the movement promotes the use of “fast twitch reflex muscle” use. This muscle group actually burns fat as an energy source, and does not require the conscious mind to trigger the muscle use.

I see pro football players using vibration machines on the sidelines behind the bench, why?

Many if not all professional sports teams use whole body vibration in their training regimen. Football players are using whole body vibration between plays to increase blood flow, and minimize injuries by stretching various muscle groups. They use the linear style of machine. Used between plays they are also able to increase alertness by keeping the blood flowing at increased levels. You may notice that many pro level athletes will actually use these machines after a sporting event. This type of use will dissipate ‘lactic acids’, which can build up in muscle tissue during the course of strenuous exercise. This lactic acid is what causes that pain the next day in muscle groups after a long run or something similar. Professional trainers use linear machines as an important part of a work out regimen for their athletes.

Do I have to do all the poses I see on the poster to lose weight?

It is not necessary to perform all the poses that you may see in the video or on the posters, to achieve weight loss. It is important that you maintain a regimen of regular use of the machine. Even simple positions like standing on the machine still produce weight loss benefits.

How often should I work out on the machines?

Surprisingly, all that is required to achieve a proper workout on the machine is 10 minutes, 3 times a week but no more that 6 times a week. You may work out more or less, it really depends on what your eventual goals are.

I notice that a lot famous Hollywood celebrities use your machine, who else uses them?

You are right about the celebrities using the machines. Whole body vibration has long been a secret weapon for a great number of celebrity trainers. Several years ago the machines were very expensive to own, so only the rich and famous had access to them. They were looking for a way to stay slim and fit and not spend too much time in the gym. Today the list of users is still growing. From celebrities, professional athletes, Olympic athletes, universities, NASA, rehabilitation centers, to the average home user.

The trainer in my gym says that it doesn't work, is that true?

Unfortunately there are a great number of people that either cannot or will not embrace new technology. For some they will not believe that something works unless they understand it. This would be similar to someone saying they would not use an airplane for travel, because they do not understand how a jet engine operates. It is not necessary to fully understand the mechanics of the whole body vibration training to reap the benefits of using it. If your trainer tells you it does not work than you should point him or her in the direction of the professional trainers of pro sports teams that use vibration training to keep the worlds top athletes in top shape.

My brother has diabetes, are these things good for him?

One of the effects of diabetes is poor blood circulation, sometimes to the point of having limbs develop gangrene. Whole body vibration can dramatically improve blood circulation, especially the legs and feet. It is best to consult a physician before beginning any new exercise regimen, especially to see if there may be some specific issues that you are having.

Do the machines come ready to use?

With the relative size of the shipping packages, it is far more economical to ship the units pre assembled. Recent surcharges for fuel, have made shipping very expensive. We aim to keep prices as low as possible. The typical machine is sent in either 1 or 2 packages. The units typically only require the assembly of the column to the base and the control panel to the column. Tools are included with the units. You should estimate approximately 15 minutes to assemble your new machine.

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