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Benefits of Vibration Training

Some overall benefits include:

  1. Improved muscle strength and performance
  2. Increased flexibility and range of motion
  3. Enhanced critical blood (oxygenation and lymph drainage)
  4. Increased bone density
  5. Increase of the happiness hormone serotonin and neurotrophine
  6. Decreased cortisol levels
  7. Rehabilitate injuries and ailments
  8. Enhanced explosive strength
  9. Enhanced conventional training results
  10. Enhanced training recovery
  11. Accelerated weight loss
  12. Reduced lower back pain
  13. Enhanced pain reduction
  14. Improved collagen production
  15. Reduced appearance of cellulite
  16. Reducing the effects of stress


Regular use of vibration training enhances physical performance. It only takes 10 minutes a day to achieve a total body workout. In the late 1990s several fitness experts conducted studies showing that 10 minutes of vibration training could produce the same training effect as completing 150 leg presses or half squats with loads of three times body mass twice a week for five weeks; and that 10 days of vibration training was the equivalent to completing 200 drop jumps from a height of 60cm, twice a week for 12 months.

There are many published research papers examining the performance enhancement potential of vibration training. Several show vibration training will result in performance benefits such as increased muscular power, flexibility, strength, and balance.


Sports rehabilitation trainers are using vibration training to help their athletes. A study of eight professional athletes with ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) ruptures took part in a study, during which the proprioceptive capacity of each leg was monitored before and after participants used a vibration plate. The athletes were asked to stand on each leg for 45 seconds while EMG activity was recorded. All subjects showed improved balance control compared to pre-test measures with the most significant improvements occurring in the anterior-posterior direction, and it was concluded that vibration training could be used to optimize recovery from an ACL injury.

Effect on Muscles

Muscles will get stronger with proper vibration training. As a result of the muscle contractions required in response to the vibration stimulation, muscle strength and tone increases over time. The effect on muscles is similar to that of other powered exercise devices, such as treadmills and bicycles.

Effect on Bones

Bones will grow stronger when the muscles around them grow. Bone structure responds to exercise according to the Wolffian Law of Function. In particular, growth and maintenance of shaft and trabeculae are controlled by the strains placed on the bones. In general, stronger muscles mean stronger bones.

Easy on Joints

A vibration machine like the Vibra-Pro brand achieves a high repetition rate (30-45 Hz) without much physical effort by the user. The joints of your body are not under undue stress as is required in running, stair climbing, or weight training. As such, Vibra-Pro offers a more focused frequency of repetitions per unit time and per exercise session delivering fantastic results.

Stroke Patients

Stroke medical researchers are exploring the possible health benefits of vibration training. Initial studies indicate that whole-body vibration may have a positive impact on proprioceptive control of posture in stroke patients.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Recent research in America has also shown that whole-body vibration training may be effective in the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord dysfunction. A series of case studies conducted at the New York School of Medicine assessed the impact of whole-body vibration training on three subjects with various spinal injuries.

Parkinson’s Disease

Research has shown that patients using vibration training (3-5 sets, 45-60 seconds with 30-60 seconds recovery at a frequency of 4-7 Hz) have experienced improvements in one or more symptoms (tremor, rigidity, balance, postural stability).


All information on this website is provided for informational purposes only. Information presented on this website is not intended to substitute for the advice provided to you by your own medical doctor or health care professional. You should not use any information contained in this website to self-diagnose or personally treat any medical condition or disease. You should consult your medical doctor or health care provider to determine whether vibration therapy or the use of a vibration fitness machine is suitable for you.

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